1. I did some work for State Of Mind, a drum and bass duo from NZ. As part of their promotional campaign for their new album, I got to create an image for a series of billboards!

  2. A new painting!

  3. Alien Vampire Priest

  4. My first stab at traditional art for quite some time!

  5. SPLASH PAGE! From an as yet unnamed Mr Unpronounceable Story.

  6. readingsbooks:

    Grab your Shrivelled Homunculus, ingest that alien hallucinogen, and delve into the feverish brain of Mr Unpronounceable – or at least, come along and meet his creator, Melbourne graphic novelist Tim Molloy.

    More information about the event is available here.

    This is very exciting!

  7. A page from a strange silent story, as yet untitled, about a drug addicted sorcerer who goes to great lengths to get his next fix.

  8. A page from ‘Mr Unpronounceable and The Desolate Suburbs’

  9. Another little alien thing.

  10. Poster for an upcoming gig that my band is headlining.