1. I am rapidly approaching the end of my new book. Cannot WAIT to share it with you all. Here’s another teaser.


  2. I finally have a website!

  3. A new painting. Watercolour and Indian Ink. About a3 size.

  4. New picture. From this blighted extraterrestrial desert harks The Synthetic Sorcerer.

  5. Oh dear! Another terrible end for Mr Unpronounceable! From ‘Mr Unpronounceable And The Filthy Sink.’

  6. A page from “Mr Unpronounceable And The Sect Of The Bleeding Eye’ my next book, coming out through Milk Shadow Books later in the year… I am currently busting out a page every day or two to meet deadline. Hectic. This Mausoleum was inspired by a Piranesi etching I found myself ogling when I visited the State Library recently.

  7. Mr Unpronounceable.

  8. A page I banged out this evening. For my upcoming book ‘Mr Unpronounceable And The Sect Of The Bleeding Eye.’ Out before Xmas!!!

  9. A detail from a larger piece I have been working on… Wearing my Moebius influences on my sleeve here.

  10. I am working on a super fun illustration job at the moment. Here is a detail.